Someone pissed me off.

We all want to get the best out of life don’t we? We all want to succeed as much as possible, yes? So why, why readers, when we want to give ourselves the biggest head start we can its considered ‘uncool’ or ‘nerdy’? This is something that really bugs me. If I want to revise for an end of topic test, why can’t I? If I want to start a blog so I have something to say to future employers when they ask if I have an writing experience, why can’t I?
Why do people feel the need to hide the work and effort they put in to succeed? I understand why we all get annoyed when people brag, it’s tedious and, to be honest, who cares? But to belittle, make fun of and just out right take the piss is unacceptable. I want to do the best out of life so I’m going to try my best to.
Rant over.